This exhibition is yet another presentation of the works of students of the Narrative Photography Studio at the Faculty of Media Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. This time I have invited 14 young authors, whose works seemed to have a common theme – recognition.

 Recognition understood as a set of means and activities necessary to acquire data about events and areas in the surrounding reality. Frequently, also information about the subject’s condition. I feel that this term exceptionally accurately reflects the character of the conversations conducted in the studio and regarding the imaging methods related to the media of photography and video. The duality of the areas to which the term applies: one associated with aggression, the other with assistance, brings to mind the power of the imaging medium related to photography’s mimetic quality; the broad scope of the available interpretation and the ability to present issues in a new context.

This offers the opportunity to provide new interpretation of seemingly obvious situations and taking banality outside of the everyday context; discussing visual performance and discovering a new, unusual function of a seemingly familiar element.

I invite you to explore these diversified works on your own.

                                                        Ph.D. Prot Jarnuszkiewicz, Associate Professor

Authors: Tymek Bryndal, Marianna Januszewicz, Agnieszka Mastalerz, Magdalena Morawik, Kuba Mozolewski, Laura Ociepa, Anna Pełszyńska, Marta Pociecha, Artur Prymon, Michał Szaranowicz, Piotr Urbaniec, Wiktoria Wojciechowska, Weronika Wysocka, Jakub Wysocki.

Curator: Ph.D. Prot Jarnuszkiewicz, Associate Professor
Cooperation: Ph.D. Iza Maciusowicz

Opening 10th June 2016,  8:30 p.m.

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